Professional • Trustworthy • Experienced

Professional • Trustworthy • Experienced

Our Services

Our services include routine landscape maintenance as well as snow removal and other seasonal work. Here are just some of the services that we provide to keep your property in tip top shape!

Lawn Care Maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is almost a full-time job in itself. Not only do you need to mow your lawn regularly, but you need to properly water and fertilize your grass to keep it green and healthy. Fortunately, we have all the equipment and experience needed to care for lawns of practically any size.

Fertilizing Program

At Enriquez Landscaping, we know that proper fertilization is the key to growing healthy grass and shrubs. Just like our other landscaping and lawn maintenance services, we can help you choose the best fertilizer to keep your grass, shrubs, and trees looking their best.

Rock Installation

Decorative rock installation can completely change the look of your garden, but there is an art to it. We can help you decide what rocks will be best for your next landscaping project and determine where they should be placed on your property.

Fall and Spring Clean-up

Whether you need us for a spring clean up after a long winter, or a fall clean up to pick up all of the leaves and sticks, Enriquez Landscaping can help keep your yard looking its best. This can all but ruin even the most intricate landscaping, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if your yard is too much of a mess to handle on your own.

Seasonal Planting and Transplanting

Your yard and garden will have different needs throughout the year. We can help you prepare for that by choosing the right seasonal plants and transplanting what you already have so you can have a beautiful yard throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Snow Removal

You might not have to worry about lawn care and landscaping during the winter, but we can still assist you in keeping your home neat and safe with our snow removal services. Contact us this winter if you need any help clearing out your driveway or front step the next time you’re faced with a foot of snow.

Mulch, Sod, Loam, and Seeding

Not only can we help you maintain your existing lawn, but we can help you grow new grass with our sod, loam, and seeding services. We have many different kinds of mulch, sod, and grass seed available, and we can help you find the products that will be best for your home.

We’re Your All-Season Grounds Care Provider

When you partner with Enriquez Landscape, you’re getting the top commercial and residential grounds care management team. We are responsive, disciplined, professional, knowledgeable, and always there for you regardless of the weather.

Contact us today and find out how you can sit back, take a break, and start utilizing your landscape to your best advantage while we do all the heavy lifting.